Computer Science 1

Welcome to Matt Vrablik's GITA 1 Website.
Here you will find the projects I have been working on for the past semester.
I am hoping to understand the basics of coding through the C# code. I have worked on projects such
as a mailing label maker, a car rental page, and a dice program.
To begin using C# you can download Visual Studio Community 2015 here.

Global IT

First Semester

Goodbye Program

Date: 9/13/17

In this program, we learned how to change the languages of the word "Goodbye".

Help Page

Date: 9/22/17

This is a basic help page. It contains my logo, company name, and some information about my company. It also has buttons that can change the color and font of the text.

Mailing Label

Date: 9/28/17

This program allows you to enter your information such as your name, address, city, and state and recieve a mailing label correctly formatted with your information.

Car Rental

Date: 10/5/17

This is a car rental page. You put in your information and the begnning and ending odometer readings and how many days you used it and the program will calculate a price dependent on these variables. It also keeps track of total sales and number of cars sold.

BMI Calculator

Date: 10/10/17

This program is a BMI calculator. Just put in your height and weight and it will calculate your BMI.

Car Rental 2

Date: 10/18/17

This is the same program as Car Rental, but with a few additions. Now you have the option of three cars and a few optional extras for each. Each car has a differernt rate and when selected it calculates a price based on the rate and the options you choose.

Test Scores

Date: 10/20/17

This program has you enter two test scores and it will measure the grade percentage as well as the letter grade for each test. It also will average the score of the two and tell you which test had a higher score.

Dice Program

Date: 10/30/17

The is a simple dice game. You roll the dice and the program keeps track of how many times combinations are rolled.

Craps Game

Date: 11/6/17

This program allows users to play the popular casino game Craps.

Slot Machine

Date: 11/16/17

This is a slot machine game like in a casino. It allows you to place bets and spin the slots to possibly win big. It also keeps track of a grand total that increases every time you spin and lose.

T-Shirt Program

Date: 12/14/17

This is a website page for a T-Shirt store. You enter you name, quantity, shirt size, and a few optional extras and you would get a total price for your order as well as just for one shirt. The program also keeps manager stats, like how many shirts were sold and the store's total sales.

Fish Program

Date: 12/19/17

This is a simple fish program. You can manually move the fish left and right randomly around his tank or set him on auto and let him move on his own. There are also buttons to change his speed.

Bowl Game

Date: 1/18/18

This program showed results of one of the bowl games this past season. There was also the option to choose which team you liked better from the two and view both team's season results. Inside a task bar you can choose either team and read a brief history about them.

Second Semester

Fish 2D

Date: 2/3/18

This is an uprgaded version of the Fish Program. Now the fish can move up, down, left, and right, and has a predator in the tank with it. It keeps track of bumps on all sides of the tank.


Date: 2/15/18

This is a basic person vs. person TicTacToe game, where one user an be X and one can be O.

Basic AI

Date: 3/8/18

An AI game stripped down. There is one enemy that follows you on its own and you, controlled by the arrow keys. You win if you can shoot your bullet into the enemy enough times and lose if the enemy catches you up.

Star Field

Date: 3/9/18

You are traveling through space at warp speed and are passing by stars all around you.

Upgraded Basic AI

Date: 3/21/18

This has the exact same controls and design as the Basic AI game, but this time there are 5 enemies to try and destroy.

Final Project

Date: 6/8/18

This is my final project of the year, Rapid Racer. In this game players must avoid tumbleweeds hitting their car by using the left and right arrow keys to move between lanes so they don't get hit. If hit, your health bar goes down. Once your health bar runs out, you lose!